What is Telephone Counselling?

Telephone counselling takes the form of individual counselling, except that the sessions are held without the physical presence of the client.

At Theratree we offer phone support both in Greece and abroad.

This service serves Greek/foreign residents who wish that their Counsellor speaks their native language or vice versa foreigners/Greek residents who wish to communicate in English. In the second case Theratree provides support with English speaking specialist counsellors.

Why choose telephone Counselling?

  • the cost is lower than a face-to-face session.
  • if you do not have access to a computer or internet connection.
  • offers you the comfort of your personal space as well as saving time and travel costs.
  • is flexible and can be combined with a busy life.
  • allows anonymity, that is certainly particularly comforting

How can I book for an Online session?

Today I want to...

On Line Counselling

-Get informed about
a) the seminars,
b) Theratree groups

a) essays and
b) articles from the
Theratree team

-Read proposed
a) articles, β) books

-To declare
an interest in collaborating