What is Online Counselling?

«Our inner peace stems from our knowledge that what upset us are not things, but our interpretation of them»
I. Yalom
Οnline counselling or therapy can be described as modern psychological services offered through e-mail (email), chat programs and live chat (like skype, msn). It is a process between the counsellor and the client, governed by confidentiality, during which the counsellor provides his services which are based on his scientific and specialised training.

The Counsellor is bound by confidentiality and the ethical guidelines of the profession. Confidentiality is breached only in specific cases stipulated by law (eg, if an acute crisis occurs and there is risk harming yourself or others).

For more information regarding ethics and confidentiality in Online Counselling, please read the Ethical Principles of the International Society for Mental Health Web (ISMHO)  (International Society for Mental Health On Line).

Theratree, provides counselling services remotely through:

  • E-mail

    For people who need to have time at their disposal to process and complete their thoughts. Writing itself, is a therapeutic tool.

  • Live Chat (msn)

    For people who express themselves better through the written word and want a more direct interaction with the therapist through messages, questions and answers.

  • Phone

    For those who believe that a conversation is a more spontaneous method of communication that focuses on words rather than pictures or even for those that are not familiar with technology.

  • Teleconference (Skype)

    For those who wish to have eye contact with the therapist via a web camera. Thereby the privileges of personal space as well as time saving are preserved.

    Click here for Skype’s installation instructions

Why should I choose Online Counselling?

Recent studies show that this form of counselling can be just as beneficial as face-to- face sessions. One of its strongest advantages is that the client can have absolute control over the choice of the frame, ie the frequency, time and place where he will receive counselling and the means with which he will communicate with the counsellor (with or without visual contact).

Theratree supports Online Counselling as an effective alternative for people who:Do not have easy access to a professional or do not want to waste time and money on travelling.

  • Suffering from illness or psychological limitation as phobias or panic attacks and are unable to move.
  • They live in closed communities, and they want to maintain their anonymity.
  • They have hearing or speech impairment and prefer written communication.
  • Experiencing feelings of embarrassment or shyness in face-to-face sessions.
  • Living in a foreign country and do not speak the language (Theratree provides support through English speaking therapists)
  • want to record all of the counselling process.
  • They travel frequently and are not in town for long periods of time.


Are there any limitations to Online Counselling?

  • Online Counselling is contraindicated for people with suicidal tendencies or severe psychological disorders and is in no way a substitute for face to face communication (in vivo).
  • If you are in acute crisis and feel that you may harm yourself or others, then you need to contact immediately a relative or friend or the following telephone lines that provide support:

Free of charge:

197- 24 hours, helpline, social assistance of the National Centre for Social Solidarity.

1056 - hotline for incidents of child abuse.

800 11 88881, for calls from mobiles 210 7786800 - SOS hotline against domestic violence Women's Network Europe, 9am - 3pm, every day of the week. Legal and psychological support from volunteer network of lawyers and psychologists.

Local Rate:

1031: ΟΚΑΝΑ, 1145: ΙΘΑΚΗ, 210 3617089: 18 Άνω.
Psychological support for drug users/addicts

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