The true meaning of Counseling

«I may not choose the facts of my life, I can instead choose the position that I' m going to hold»
V. Frankl
Counseling is a process of interaction between a counsellor and one (or more) individual(s) who address him, with the goal of psychological empowerment in order to discover the strengths and respond to the challenges of life in the most constructive way.

Although the verb «consult» means ask someone to give me some advice, i.e. to tell me what I need to do in order to solve a problem that concerns me, the Counsellor is not meant to do that.

Counselling facilitates the person to understand what is happening and encourages him, to find his own way through his personal difficulties. In this way, he regains his strength and self-confidence.

What is the difference between Counseling and Psychotherapy?

The main difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy is that the former is aimed at people who wish to address issues that are pressuring them at a given period of time while the latter is aimed at people who want a re-evaluate of their lives over time.

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