Individual counselling/Psychotherapy

What the Individual counselling/Psychotherapy?

«…Let’s say «yes» to ourselves, let’s face ourselves as this is the most serious of all the tasks»
C. Jung
Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy, or face to face therapy (Counsellor and Client) is the most popular form of therapy.
It takes from a few sessions (short-term) up to several years (long-term) and always depends on the client’s initial request. Usually the sessions are weekly and last from 50 to 60 minutes.

What is the preventive work of

People do not choose therapy only for wound-healing. Counselling works proactively to avoid chronic psychological problems. The preventive work involves facilitating the person to discover that every problem contains within it the seeds of maturation and strengthening of our psyche.

This can be achieved when the client, encouraged by his Counsellor, dares to proceed to the following steps:

a)      realises  the counterproductive patterns that immobilises him
b)      decides to change these patterns
c)       and finally, decides to express/experiment - with his whole being (mentally, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) through creative new roads, starting from the secure environment of the therapy session and continuing in everyday life.

Through this process the person is prepared to reach the deeper layers of the psyche, and has the potential to:

  • detect the purpose of his existence, "... the purpose of our existence is shaped not by ourselves, but rather disclosed by us» V. Frankl
  • restore the true relationship with Himself by taking charge of his life. If someone does not feel at all responsible for his "fate", he would not know how to change it.

The therapist activates the mechanism for assuming responsibility by exploring with the client the way in which he hides the truth from himself. Once he becomes aware of his active participation in the situation, then he is ready for the next step, that of owning the responsibility.

Awareness of responsibility is an important therapeutic stage. Man becomes freer and more authentic. This is the best prevention for mental health and the greatest investment that someone can offer himself and the people around him.

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