Couple Counseling

«...each pair consists of three parts: two people (you and me) and their relationship (us). The positive couple leaves enough space in order to help their relationship grow. Each party has the same value as the others. Individuals in a positive mating know that when one of the parties is not recognized, suppressed or sidelined, the positive nature of the relationship disappearsι»
V. Satir

What is the couple counseling?

Couple Counselling or Marriage Counselling is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples of all types to discover the dysfunctional behavior patterns that impede the smooth communication between them, in order to improve and develop their relationship.

Usually the need for counselling support, appears when the couple's relationship goes through a ‘crisis’ * through a transition e. g. marriage, birth of a child, etc. Then the connection is disrupted and both partners:

  • go through a period of stress and adjustment
  • redefine the relationship
  • adopt new roles arising from the change
  • meet the requirements and obligations that are brought on by the new situation with respect and understanding

Beyond traditional methods, there are modern approaches that accelerate the process of achieving a healthy and happy cohabitation, such as the Psychogenetic System, which deepens and explores intergenerational causes of marital conflict.

*« Crisis is a change that tries to happen. » B. Tracy

«...there is no sacrifice to one from the other, but an entire sacrifice of both for the unity in the relationship. This is a purely mythological figure showing the sacrifice of the visible entity for a transcendent good»
J. Campbell

The role of the therapist in Couple/Marriage Counselling

The transition of the couple from a state of "merging" in that of the "mature interdependence" is a maturation process where the "I" is abandoned in order to be replaced by "we."

It is at this stage of the transition (from "I" to "we") that the therapist is called to facilitate the communication - which usually comes to a standstill - by offering a new perspective.

It is important, that the couple therapist points out to the couple, that the goal of therapy is not always to maintain the relationship or the marriage, but to clarify the real problem and facilitate its resolution. «The purpose of couple psychotherapy is a more extensive investigation of possible relational dynamics, in order to expand the map of reality that each partner has established so that both of them could find outlets through a workable partnership or hereafter decide to release the connection» B. Tomaras.

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