Once upon a time there was a tree whose roots were so deep that they were spreading to the underworld and its top was so high that it could reach the sky. It is said that this tree was so strong that it could support the whole world. It was called the Tree of the World (Arbor Mondi). People gave it many different names across the centuries; they called it the Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Destiny, Tree of Eternal Youth…

Nowadays, more than ever, the search for the truth is essential. Myth is not a lie, but a metaphor. It takes us through the symbols to the worlds of the psyche and brings us in contact with our roots1 and their primitive powers. It knows how to speak to the heart of human beings because it touches two of their deeper needs. Firstly, the desire to know oneself, and secondly the desire to develop oneself which is reflected in their courage to engage in the painful process of transformation. Such process is considered painful because it entails some sort of death: the death of the old form. The seed sacrifices itself in order to achieve its full potential which is the tree2.

According to J. Campbell, “Mythology is the penultimate truth because the ultimate cannot be put into words. It is beyond words, beyond images… Mythology pushes the mind beyond that rim, towards what can be known but not told. So this is the penultimate truth”.

Our aim is therapy which is achieved as soon as we reconnect with the “archetypal image”, which constitutes the purpose of our lives, as in the example of the tree (therapy+tree = theratree).

The Tree as a symbol3 stands upright and reminds us: “I am the Seed that is gestated by the Tree”. In this way it empowers us and helps us discover who we really are. As Pindarus said, “Find out what you are and be that”.

The team of “Theratree” invites you to plant with us the “Tree of Philosophy” (Arbor Philosophica), which symbolises the developmental process reflected in personal and collective ideas, or in hidden potential and talents4.

We invite you to awaken the senses of your soul through a common vision; that of fulfilling your full potential and aligning with your personal myth ...

Ioanna Makridou
Founder of “


1 “We can't be emotionally healthy without contact and communication with our roots: our unconscious archetypal structure”. C. Jung

2 “As emotional development is not the result of a conscious will attempt, but an involuntary and natural process, it is often symbolised in dreams with a tree whose slow development, robust and unintended, is realised according to a well-defined diagram”. M.L. von Franz

3 “The symbol, the archetypal image, the language of myth, the carrier of complex consciousness and unconscious, expresses the man and restores his unity. It makes him think with the senses and feel with the mind”. C. Jung

4 “Talent is a tree with roots in the unconscious psyche”. C. Jung

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